10t/h Aluminum Powder Briquetting Plant in Kenya

10t/h Aluminum Powder Briquetting Plant in Kenya

Capacity: 10 t/h

Applied Materials: Aluminum powder

Introduction: The briquette production line is a ball-making production line with a high degree of automation, strong production capacity and continuous operation, which is composed of briquette machines and other related equipment.

Aluminum powder because of the silver-white metal luster, so commonly known as aluminum silver powder or silver powder, Application Range: Powder coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation Gold card, gold film, textiles, but in water-based paint and acid-alkali paint used will oxidize and blacken. It is usually pressed into a ball for use.

Materials: Aluminum powder

Capacity: 10t/h

Feeding Size: 0-5mm

Finished Size: 50mm*80mm

Production Process: The material is fed into the briquette machine. The two types of wheels in the machine are driven by the motor and rotate at the same speed in opposite directions. When the material is fallen to the two types of junction, the material begins to be pressed, and the compression nest formed between the two wheels presses the material into a corresponding shape.

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